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What Our Clients Say:


"Professional, courteous and knowledgeable. That's why you're still my agent after 10 years, a marriage and two kids. You've been there every step of the way."

- Alan K., Huntington Bch


"Thanks Dom, you really came through for me and made the process of finding the right health insurance easier than expected. Keep up the great work"

- James P., LA



"I called another agent and all he wanted to do was push a different plan at me. With you, I got the plan I wanted at a rate I could afford. And no BS."

- Twila C., Hollywood



"Dom, it was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for the great advice on reducing my group health insurance rates."

- Martin R., Fresno



"I went from confused to insured with just a phone call. Now that's service! You rock!"

- Tori H., San Diego



"Dom, thanks for taking the time to explain everything in a language I understand... I contacted three agents and you were the only one honest enough to tell me to stick with my current coverage. If my situation ever changes, or if anyone ever asks, you're the man"

 - Walter L., Newport Bch



"I used the online quotes to browse rates and plans. It was convenient and you were just a phone call away with all the help and advice I needed. Thanks!" - Karl S., San Francisco



"This is the first time I ever felt that I got the exact plan I wanted, and not the plan the agent wanted me to have!"

- Emily A., Riverside




Blue Shield Health and Life Quotes Blue Shield Small Group Quote

Blue Shield Of California

All Cities Health Insurance Services is proud to be a part of the Blue Shield family. This highly respected insurer prides itself on being a consumer health advocate. What does this mean for you? This company aims to remain one of the foremost California health insurance companies by offering coverage for everyone. Variety and affordability characterize the medical plans of this reputable organization.

Medicare Supplement Plans
Blue Shield of California offers several Medicare Supplement plans for those who are 65 or older. Compare deductibles and co-payments among these versatile plans to obtain the right low cost health insurance for you. Medicare covers the basics, but this federal government program does not pay for all medical treatment, hospitalization, or surgery.

Employer Group Plans
Access Baja HMO Plans illustrate Blue Shield of California's ability to recognize the changes in the population of this state. If you have employees who live in Tijuana or Mexicali, Blue Shield offers good medical care in those areas. These Gold and Silver Plans help you, the employer, by offering your Spanish-speaking employees medical services they might not otherwise have.

Of course, this insurer also has distinctive individual and family plans. It offers policies for the self-employed, preventive care, dental coverage, and chiropractic benefits.

The goal of All Cities Health Insurance services and Blue Shield of California is to provide health insurance for all Californians, regardless of budget, needs or coverage goals. Call me for a "No Obligation" quote and professional guidance in selecting the right plan for you. 800-443-9109.




All Cities Health Insurance Services Proudly Provides the Following Types of Health, Life and Group Health Insurance Coverage:

California Small Group Health Insurance (2-50) Employees  *  Small Group HMO and PPO Health Insurance Plans  *  California Health and Medical Insurance Plans * Individual California Health Insurance Plans * Health Insurance for California Families  *  California Life Insurance Policies  * High Deductible Health Plans  * California Health Savings Accounts  *  Temporary Health and Medical Insurance Plans * Cobra Health and Medical Insurance Plans * Term and Whole Life Insurance * Small Group Dental Insurance Plans *  Long Term Health Care Plans * Medical Insurance Plans * Major Medical Insurance Plans  * Affordable Health Insurance Plans * California Health Insurance for Children and Young Adults * Self-Employed Health Insurance


All Cities Health Insurance Services is a Licensed Agent for the Following Health Insurance Companies and Plans:

Aetna Health Insurance  * Aetna Life Insurance  * Aetna Group Insurance  *  Blue Cross Tonik * Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance * Anthem Blue Cross Life Insurance * Anthem Blue Cross Small Group Insurance * Anthem Blue Cross SmartSense  *  Anthem Blue Cross Lumenos  *  Blue Shield Health Insurance * Blue Shield Life Insurance * Blue Shield Group Insurance * Health Net Health Insurance * Health Net Life Insurance * Health Net Group Insurance * Kaiser Health Insurance * Kaiser Life Insurance * Kaiser Group Insurance * PacifiCare Health Insurance *  Nationwide Health Insurance  *  Nationwide Group Insurance  *  Nationwide Life Insurance  * PacifiCare Life Insurance * PacifiCare Group Health Insurance Plans  * Cigna Group Health and Medical Insurance Plans



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